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Wall of Friendship

Arrange the class in small groups of 4 or 5 with blocks to build a wall; alternatively this activity can be done diagrammatically with the whole class with “post it” notes or using the interactive white board.

Begin by explaining that each group is going to build a wall of friendship, but first they must decide what goes into their wall. They are going to write onto the blocks (“post-it” notes) words that describe the qualities that make a good friend. The teacher could give pupils some starting blocks such as:

  • A friend is someone who is good at…
  • A good friend can…
  • A good friend will always…

The pupils should decide on what other blocks they need to build a strong relationship. Their suggestions should be written on pieces of paper and attached to the blocks or recorded directly onto the whiteboard.

The teacher could then ask what might break down this wall of friendship?  Ask the children to write down the kinds of things people do when they’re not being a good friend. (ie. telling tales, not sharing, being bossy, pushing, hurting etc) These notes could be written onto different coloured post-its and put up on the wall.

Wall of Friendship Booklet or Poster

To complete the activity either as a whole class or in smaller groups discuss how they think the wall of friendship can be kept strong.

What can friends do or say to each other if they want to stay friends?
If you don’t like what a friend is doing or saying what can you do about it?

The class could then produce their own class booklet or poster that lists and illustrates the strategies that they have come up with. The final product could be reproduced for each child to keep or to put up around the school and classroom.

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