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Who can support me?

Aim: To identify how to get the best support from different people
Time allocation: 30 minutes

Teacher notes : You can make up some role cards for the children to choose from or work with them to find this out in one group. This section can be done in two sessions to get the most out of the activity.  Divide everyone into groups of 3 or 4. Give some possible problems to each group relating to their age group.

Examples of problems:

  1. Someone has borrowed my favourite toy but hasn’t returned it.
  2. I haven’t been invited to a classmate’s birthday party, but my friends have.
  3. I borrowed my friend’s toy and now it has stopped working. I am worried I have broken it!
  4. Some of my friends are boys/girls [opposite sex]. I’ve stopped playing with them at school because I’m afraid I will be teased, and this is making them cross with me.
  5. I feel lonely because I don’t have any friends in school
  6. I am being bullied and am too frightened to tell anyone

Within the group create a short role play to highlight the problem and share it with the whole class. Using the advice of the whole class, try to create new role plays to find ways of getting support /advice for the person who has the problem. Which people or suggestions worked best? OR

Decide who is the best person to talk to for each problem and write them an ‘agony aunt’ style letter. Working together, get each group to write a reply letter offering advice and support. Read them out to the whole class. Was the advice any good?

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