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For the Birds – Disney Pixar (short film)

This short explores the themes of bullying and being a bystander to bullying in an extremely accessible, non-verbal way. has compiled some questions to encourage the children to think more deeply about the film.

  • Ask them what they think the video tells us.
  • Does it have a message?
  • Children will often say that the small birds were mean to the big bird because he is different.
  • This sparks the debate.
  • Who are the mean ones?
  • Why are they mean?
  • Are any of the small birds worse then others?
  • Is there a moral to the story?
  • Could we give it a new title?


Inside Out  Disney Pixar (full movie)

This film has probably been watched by most children so could become a good discussion topic for recognising more complex emotions.


BBC Bitesize  website offers 3 slightly dated, but very relatable videos:

  • What is Bullying
  • Friends and Bullying – This video can be discussed in context with No Kidding because Billy and Bally are meant to be friends. Often bullying behaviour can be concealed by friendship and it is important for children to recognise that even friends can bully you.
  • Buddies, Massages, and Mediators – This video provides methods of enforcing kind, helpful behaviour in schools from a very young age through the use of buddies and peer mentors, class/group massage sessions and mediators.


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