Touring – Summer 2016

This bilingual, multi-sensory drama takes the children on a trip to Bonnie Cove to meet Pearl, an old fisherwoman. The children explore the seaside and help Pearl to dig for treasure. She tells them of the mysterious music she has heard and about a strange creature she has seen in the sea. The children soon discover it is not a creature but Nori, an orphan from a far away land. Once Nori has come ashore the children help Pearl to overcome her fears, communicate with their new friend and find ways for them to share Bonnie Cove and live together.

Nori was originally devised with the Hanyong Theatre Company in Birmingham and Buksetung Theatre Company in South Korea in 2014. For this version of the programme Nori will be in Welsh and English and the character of Nori will be played by bilingual storyteller and performer, Tamar Eluned Williams.

Nori Collage


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