On the Edge is an exciting new participatory programme for 9 – 13 year olds which explores the complex and sensitive issue of extremism. Linking into the Government’s Prevent strategy (further information on which can be found on this website), the programme embeds questions and issues relating to extremism within a compelling metaphorical context.

The starting point for developing this context was stories lifted from history and folklore such as the Gunpowder Plot, William Tell and Robin Hood.  The people, places and events of these stories were drawn together with contemporary references to extremism to inspire the imaginary world of ‘The Realm’.

Through inhabiting and interacting within this fictional world, the children are able to explore questions, engage in moral debate and make decisions – but with the story providing distance and protection from the real life sensitivities that discussing issues relating to extremism can sometimes involve.

The young peoples participation in this programme also serves as a stimulus for further discourse and these resources are designed to offer a range of activities, information, resources and contacts to support ongoing learning opportunities.



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