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Out of the Box is a new story-telling programme for Years 1 and 2 that uses storytelling theatre techniques and contemporary movement to animate two well known Greek myths, those of Pandora’s Box and King Midas. Out of the Box creates a vibrant and visual event that aims to inspire a passion in children for stories and storytelling.

Out of the Box opens with the arrival of two warring travelling storytellers, reluctantly journeying on their way to a meeting which will determine whether they can continue to ply their trade. Having accidentally come together in the same place at the same time they compete to tell their tales to the gathered audience of children. However as the real nature of the storyteller’s differences emerge, the children become more deeply involved, not only in their stories, but also in reconciling their broken relationship. This leads the children to the ultimate decision as what path the storytellers should take next.

Out of the Box provides teachers with a dynamic visual and linguistic stimulus to support teaching in the classroom by providing an exciting inspiration for storytelling as well as specific transferable skills and techniques that can be used in the classroom.



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