Touring Summer 2016

“We don’t want to lose poetry… we want our freedom of speech… we will lose our jobs rather than lose poetry…we want to stand up for our rights”
Year 5 participant, Conway Primary School

Paper Chase is an exciting poetry programme for Key stage 2 that is set in a futuristic society where a dictatorial leader ‘The President’ has outlawed all forms of artistic expression.  Art and poetry are banned and the only officially recognised form of writing is through the heavily controlled media. The children are placed in role as investigative reporters working on the regime’s paper and given an undercover mission to infiltrate a secret poetry society.  However once they have successfully gained entry to the society they meet outlawed poet Sam Groom and take part in a variety of exciting poetry-making activities that makes them re-consider the value of poetry and why it is potentially dangerous to the repressive regime.

It is at this point that they get caught up in a raid and are implicated in the activities of the society.  They must choose…either to honour their original assignment as journalists of the state or to campaign for the right to speak out as they wish.

Paper Chase inspires pupils to explore and develop poetic language and expression by:

  • creating an inspiring dramatic context in which children will create their own poems
  • encouraging the children to appreciate and analyse poetry
  • sharing, performing and reflecting on poetry



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