Pharaoh’s Footsteps aims to give children a sense of Ancient Egypt by taking them back in time to the burial of Tutankhamen to discover the significance of their burial customs and beliefs.

This compelling programme initially enrols children as tomb workers, completing and ritually sealing the tomb of Tutankhamen 3,000 years ago. In part two, they travel forwards in time to 1921, where in role as reporters they witness Howard Carter re-discover the long lost tomb. They celebrate the find of the century with Carter until they discover he has secretly entered the tomb and stolen an item from the great treasury… will the journalists provide front page stories of the glorious treasure and it’s heroic discovery or is there a more complicated story of individual ambition and nationalism to uncover?

Pharaoh’s Footsteps provides the ideal complement to the key stage 2 history curriculum. It gives pupils a vivid insight to an ancient culture by:

  • allowing them to grasp key information relating to the historical significance of Ancient Egypt
  • providing opportunities for them to inhabit history from within
  • developing their critical thinking and enquiry skills around history
  • enabling them to consider how to record and interpret historical events



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