What we do

The Play House uses participatory theatre and drama to stimulate the language and learning of children and young people. Our programmes cover subjects across the whole curriculum including English, Maths, History and Science as well as SMSC development areas such as Citizenship.

We always work with one class at a time to ensure meaningful participation for each and every child. Participants enter into rich fictional worlds and interact with a range of situations and characters.

All our touring programmes include a teacher preview for teachers to incorporate them into schemes of work, as well as comprehensive online resources with lots of ideas and activities for follow up work in class.

In particular, our work addresses the Spoken Language objectives of the national curriculum, providing excellent opportunities for children to engage verbally, contribute ideas, solve problems, consider moral dilemmas and take different viewpoints. By acting in role within the drama, they gain confidence in speaking different contexts using appropriate language, tone and vocabulary for different purposes.

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About Language Alive Further information & booking All Aboard! Years 5, 6 & 7 All Good Things... Years 5-8 at the Collection Centre A Tale to Tell Exploring the rich world of Arabic storytelling (Years 3 & 4) Bag of Beans KS1: Numeracy programme inspired by Jack & the Beanstalk Bottling It Up Alcohol awareness theatre-in-education Buried History KS2: Exploring Anglo Saxon history & culture By the River Bank Early Years programme inspired by Wind in the Willows CAMHS Wellbeing Consultation Drama-based consultation Careless Talk Challenging extremist ideas (Years 5 -7) Choices Sex & relationships for 12-14 year olds Climb Aboard Change & transition for Early Years Creative writing Drama as a Stimulus for Creative Writing EAL & Language Development Drama-based EAL & Language Development workshops Fit for a King KS1: Healthy lifestyles Foreign Fields Commemorating the centenary of World War 1 (KS2) Ganging Up Gang awareness theatre-in-education for Years 5-6 Gold Dust at the Museum of the Jewellery Quarter Hansel and Gretel A fairy story for Years 3 & 4 The Home Children Bringing to life the real stories of child migrants. INSET Professional Development & INSET Into the Garden KS1: Meet the Selfish Giant Journeys Cultural heritage workshops and tours Little Red An interactive retelling of Little Red Riding Hood for KS2 Little Red Hen Early Years numeracy programme Mosaic A multilingual adventure for KS1 My Street Drama project exploring the changing face of Ladypool Road No Kidding KS1: Tackling bullying Nori A bilingual multi-sensory drama for Early Years Out of the Box KS1: Greek Myths & legends Paper Chase A society where all forms of artistic expression are outlawed... Uncle's Story Shop KS1: Creative play and storytelling Pharaoh's Footsteps Journey back to Ancient Egypt (Years 3 & 4) Pool of Memories Years 4-6 at Moseley Baths Public Performances Family friendly public performances Rainforest Symphony KS1: A musical journey into the rainforest Roll up! Roll up! Nursery and reception go to the circus The Romans Britain and the Romans for Key Stage 2 Rummage KS1: Recycling & consumerism Saving Hope Exploring human stories during the outbreak of the plague Spinning a Yarn Emperor's New Clothes for Years 3 & 4 Stargazing Years 5-6 explore Galileo Story Bag Storytelling workshops The Suitcase on the Wardrobe KS2: Black History Month, English, SMSC Tapestry Exploring extremism with 13-18 year olds The Greeks KS2: Exploring the ancient Greeks The Last Train KS2 - A look back at the 'Kindertransport' The Little Match Girl Based on Hans Christian Andersen's classic story Things That Go Bump... Exploring bedtime fears with nursery & reception Thirst For Knowledge Explorers for Years 5 & 6 Trouble at Mill Sarehole Mill for Years 3-6 (last performed Spring 2010) Tudor Times The story of Anne Boleyn for Key Stage 2 Where There's Smoke KS1: The Great Fire of London