The websites listed below are useful sources of practical ideas for both children and adults.
A site specifically for children with lots of interactive activities and interesting facts.
You can join the World Wildlife Fund as a school or class here.
Website for Friends of the Earth – the international environmental campaign network
Follow this link for teaching and education packs which contain curriculum links and lesson/activity ideas for teaching about the rainforest, they particularly focuses on the work of the Rainforest Foundation, the lives of people who live in the forest and charity fundraising.
The Rainforest Alliance is a group of organisations dedicated to preserving the biodiversity of the Rainforest and protecting its indigenous peoples.  This website has some very good  true life stories about people who live in the Rainforest which are for children to enjoy.  Its also a good teachers research tool.
Books For Topics has an extensive list of really good fictional and non fiction books about the Rainforest suitable for children in  Key stage 1.


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Aim & Objectives


To give children a multi sensory and creative introduction to the Rainforest and its culture .


  • To explore the qualities of a Rainforest habitat and the threats to its survival
  • To participate in storytelling, music and dance
  • To engage in problem solving and decision making from within the drama


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Programme performed by: Juliet Fry & Julie Baker

Originally devised by Clive Cole, Eve Jones, Lorna Laidlaw, Nicky Robey
Director: Lorna Laidlaw
Designer: Dawn Allsopp
Maker: Emma Thompson
Musical Consultants: Jon Nicholls and Josie Parker
Pack written by: Clive Cole, Eve Jones, Lorna Laidlaw, Nicky Robey, Jon Nicholls

With thanks to:
Karina Harris and Year 1 from Percy Shurmer Primary School for their help in devising this programme and Bizi Lizi from BBC’s Smarteenies for help with art activities.


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Curriculum links

Rainforest Symphony makes links with the KS1 curriculum in the following areas:

Science – living things and their habitats
English – extending vocabulary, presenting and debating
SMSC – environment and conservation

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Programme Outline

The programme begins in the classroom where the children are visited by Cherry, who works in the local green grocers shop. Cherry delivers fruit to all the local schools (including yours) for the children’s snack time. She explains that she has found something strange in a box of fruit and introduces them to a frog who has now become her pet.  Cherry asks the children for ideas to cheer up the frog who is called Acapella. He doesn’t seem very happy and they speculate together where he might have come from.  They investigate a book about habitats before deciding that Acapella is likely to be from the South American Rainforest.

Cherry has the idea to visit the rainforest to find out what will make Acapella happy and asks the children how she will get there and if they will join her on the adventure too.

The children set off for the rainforest (hall) with Cherry and Acapella, but are surprised to discover on arrival that it looks very different to a picture they had seen in the classroom. The forest is not green and lush, but barren and brown. They meet Hourani, from the Yanomami tribe who explains that loggers have cut down this area of the forest. She asks the children why they have come and meets Acapella. Hourani then invites the class to follow her deeper into the rainforest where the loggers have yet to reach.

Hourani teaches the children a song before showing around her home. She tells them a story about how then smallest of animals plays an important part in the life of the rainforest before suggesting to Cherry that Acapella might like to stay in the rainforest. Cherry rejects this notion as dark clouds warn of a tropical storm.

As the children shelter in the trees with Cherry they watch Hourani celebrate and dance in the rain before being invited to join in. Once the sun has returned they discuss with Hourani why the rainforest is under threat before helping Cherry to understand why she should leave Acapella behind on her return home.

The drama ends with a song and dance celebration of Acapella’s return to his home in the rainforest.


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