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Programme Outline

The programme begins in the classroom where the children are visited by Adam, the owner of a local grocer’s shop. He explains to the children that he has found something that is lost, and introduces them to Acapella, a South American tree frog who was delivered to his shop by accident. Adam and the children discuss caring for a pet and the varied needs of different creatures and then investigate a book about habitats. The children and Adam discuss the features of the different locations and decide with Adam to discover more about Acapella’s home by taking a trip to the Rainforest. They talk about their expectations of what they will see, hear and feel when they arrive.

The children set off for the school hall with Adam and Acapella, but are surprised to discover that the environment looks very different to what they anticipated – the forest is not green and lush, but barren and brown. They meet Hourani, the leader of a local tribe who sadly explains to the children that loggers have destroyed this area of the forest. She asks the children why they have come here, and when she meets Acapella she invites the class to follow her deeper into the trees so that she can show them where she belongs.

The children journey further into the forest where they listen to and identify the wildlife.  Hourani tells them a story about the animals of the rainforest and invites them to join in with the story with movement and sound.


After break the children return to the hall and shelter while a tropical storm fills the forest with sound.  They travel on again to Acapella’s home where they return her to her natural environment and her family. In celebration the children join with Hourani to create music, song and dance to bid farewell to Acapella before returning home.

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