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The websites listed below are useful sources of practical ideas for both children and adults.
A site specifically for children with lots of interactive activities and interesting facts.
You can join the World Wildlife Fund as a school or class here.
Website for Friends of the Earth – the international environmental campaign network
Follow this link for teaching and education packs which contain curriculum links and lesson/activity ideas for teaching about the rainforest, they particularly focuses on the work of the Rainforest Foundation, the lives of people who live in the forest and charity fundraising.
The Rainforest Alliance is a group of organisations dedicated to preserving the biodiversity of the Rainforest and protecting its indigenous peoples.  This website has some very good  true life stories about people who live in the Rainforest which are for children to enjoy.  Its also a good teachers research tool.
Books For Topics has an extensive list of really good fictional and non fiction books about the Rainforest suitable for children in  Key stage 1.


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