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Percussion Instruments

A percussion instrument is any object which produces a sound by being hit with an implement, shaken, rubbed, scraped, or by any other action which sets the object into vibration and can somehow be controlled by children playing it.

‘Recycling’ Music

This is a simple way of taking a favourite song, music or nursery rhyme and giving that tune a different sound by ‘humming’ the song out or by giving it a ‘La, la, la’ all the way through to the end.  Have fun mixing the variations at the chorus.

Body Orchestra

All parts of our body can make a sound, when tapped and/or slapped, touched or rubbed. Here are some hand clapping sound variations:.

  • Open fingers to palm
  • Cupped palms of both hands
  • Cupped palm to flat hand
  • Open fingers to open fingers
  • Closed finger to palm
  • Finger tip clapping

The Beat

In a large area, in a circle facing clockwise and in a marching motion, the children move with the following beat instructions:

  • The word ‘slowly’ has 2 syllables and when the word is said, can represent the movement of the sloth.
  • The word ‘slow’ with its single syllable has a slightly quicker pace with the movement of a Jaguar with its sharp claws.
  • ‘Medium’ has a separate distinction from ‘slow’ and with its 3 syllables it is separated and distinctive on its own.
  • ‘Very quickly’ is not the same as an ‘out of control’ fast rhythm, as the word is spoken continuously and an organised tempo is identified and established.
  • A variation can be the words being replaced with the sound eg, buzz, buzz, buzz, buzz for ‘Ve-ry quick-ly’
  • Controlled ‘sound level’ recognition is important, for example; Softly helps children to listen out to themselves and others.  Balanced gives the experience of hearing others as well as ourselves.  Loud fills the space with sound (but remember to conduct the length by bringing it to a stop with either a hand signal like a conductor; a high hand gesture for loud and a low hand gesture for quite/silent)


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