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During the programme the children will take part in the following musical and sound activities. They will;

  • respond to recorded environmental sounds as a stimulus for a discussion about the natural environment and animal diversity
  • respond to recorded environmental sounds and narrative as a stimulus for imaginative work as they perform the roles of animals in a story
  • take part in improvised group work using percussion to fulfill an instruction “Can we create the sound of a thunderstorm?”
  • use improvised group percussion as a stimulus for discussion about how weather events and sound are linked
  • use improvised group percussion as a teamwork activity
  • use song, chants  and rhythm during group story-telling
  • respond to recorded and live music as an exploration of an indigenous form of music (e.g. Salsa) and make connections between a musical form and a geographical location
  • perform live music as a means of creating a spontaneous celebration of their achievements during the programme.


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