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Rainforests are full of hidden creatures that survive by pretending to be something else. They wear a disguise in order to fool predators, the other animals that hunt and kill them. The clever disguises that they use are known as camouflage.

Look carefully at this picture. Can you see a butterfly hiding in the leaves? The butterfly’s wings look just like the leaves around it so that it can rest without being spotted by other creatures. Can you think of any other creatures that hide in this way?

This is a creature called a Praying Mantis. It is exactly the same colour as the leaves it rests on. Can you see it? Can you think of any other creatures that hide in this way?

Make a Rainforest Camouflage Mask
You will need a simple strip of card with eye holes cut in it. Decorate with dried leaves or cut out leaves from various colours of green paper. You could add tissue paper and crepe paper leaves for different textures. As an alternative, you could decorate the mask with feathers and a cardboard beak in the middle to make a tropical rainforest bird mask.

Camouflage Animal
Design and decorate your own camouflaged animal whose habitat is your classroom and hide it in the class. Will anyone spot it?

  • Name your animal
  • What would it eat?
  • Where would it live?


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