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People of the rainforest

People have lived in the rainforest for thousands of years. They live in harmony with the forest around them, scattered in small villages which are built in cleared land. Some rainforest people live in tree houses. They climb up by using steps made from the branches of a tree. Rainforest people are experts at hunting and gathering. Some hunt with spears, or bow and arrows. Others blow poisoned darts through long, bamboo pipes. Many fish from dugout canoes on the rivers. They help each other with jobs like cooking and growing food.

Headdress of Hourani
In our story, Hourani wears a headdress like the one below. Click on the image to access a larger, downloadable version of the headdress. You can colour in and decorate your own headdress, cut it out, and add on extra paper or cardboard tabs to fit around your head.


Circle Time Story
Have everyone stand in a circle. Select a small object that can be tossed easily from one player to another. Toss the object to a player in the circle. The person catching the object must begin to tell a story, something made up on the spot. The player holding the object tosses it to another player who must catch it and continue the story. The story can take any form, as long as it is connected to the last player’s contribution. Players must continue the flow of the story no matter how fast the object is passed.

You could decide before starting that the story is going to be about one of these things:

  • Two people who are very different from each other
  • Somebody losing their home
  • Two friends going on a journey
  • Living in a house on stilts
  • You could decide as a group the last line of the story before you start, e.g. “And the two villages became friends from this day onwards.”


  • Discuss the types of home in the rainforest and your homes here. In what ways are they different?
  • How might they be the same?
  • Where else have you seen a house that is different from yours?
  • Why do you think some of the houses have to be built on stilts?


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