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Deforestation and soil erosion

Deforestation, or the removal of forests, is a major problem that has devastating effects all over the world. Forests are home to most of the plants and species on the earth. As the forest are destroyed, many species die out – an estimated 50,000 species a year. At the edge of the rain forest, more sunlight passes through the canopy, so it is drier and hotter than the interior. Fewer forest plants grow at the edge because they prefer the humid and shady forest interior.  As a result, there are fewer animals there.

Here is a poem written about the disappearing Rainforests. You could share this with your class or ask them to write a similar poem together about protecting the environment.

Rain Forests
They’re really half a world away,
There’s nothing we can do.
“Rain Forests” might be just two words
To kids like me and you.

They’re really somewhere over there.
I may not even see
A Rain Forest in my entire life.
What should it mean to me?

I know that trees are being cut,
Faster than we know.
These trees are where the creatures live,
So now where will they go?

So, I know they’re half a world away,
Rain Forests I can’t see.
But I can learn and understand
Because the future starts with me!

You can make a difference.

Courtesy of Songs 4 Teachers ©. Feel free to share this poem with your colleagues. Visit for songs, poems and more.


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