People of the rainforest

People have lived in the rainforest for thousands of years. They live in harmony with the forest around them, scattered in small villages which are built in cleared land. Some rainforest people live in tree houses. They climb up by using steps made from the branches of a tree. Rainforest people are experts at hunting and gathering. Some hunt with spears, or bow and arrows. Others blow poisoned darts through long, bamboo pipes. Many fish from dugout canoes on the rivers. They help each other with jobs like cooking and growing food.

Headdress of Hourani

In our story, Hourani wears a headdress like the one below. Click on the image to access a larger, downloadable version of the headdress. You can colour in and decorate your own headdress, cut it out, and add on extra paper or cardboard tabs to fit around your head.


Who lives in the Rainforest?

Tropical rainforests are home to tribal people who rely on the forest for food, shelter, and medicines. Today very few forest people live in traditional ways anymore because most have been forced out by Industries like logging and farming and sometimes by the government.

The Amazon has the largest number of indigenous people and most still depend on the forest for traditional hunting and gathering.

They also grow crops (like bananas, manioc, and rice), use western goods (like metal pots, pans, and utensils), and make regular trips to towns and cities to bring foods and wares to market. Still, these forest people can teach the world  a lot about the rainforest. Their knowledge of medicinal plants used for treating illness precious and they have a great understanding of the ecology of the Amazon rainforest.

Hourani belongs to the Yanomami tribe.

The Yanomami tribe live in the rainforests of Brazil and Venezuela in South America. They live in wooden open sided huts called Shabanos.  One hut can fit many families inside.

The Yanomami grow sweet potato, sugar cane and bananas in small plots of cleared land around their huts. They hunt animals such as deer and monkeys. They believe that the environment is sacred and everything in nature has a spirit. The Yanomami have suffered because gold miners and cattle farmers keep clearing the rainforest for their own use.


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