The Romans

Welcome to The Romans online resource pack. Here you will find lots of helpful information about the programme and the history of the Romans and Celts to explore with your pupils. There is also lots of fun English, Drama and making activities for you to utilise after The Romans programme has been to your school.

The Romans explores life in Britain under Roman rule at the time of Queen Boudica’s revolt. The drama explores the dilemma that faces a slave girl as the revolt nears the doors of the house of her Roman mistress. Should she stay and keep the privileges that serving in a Roman household can offer or join Boudica and fight for her freedom and culture?

Through drama and role play, children learn about the work of an archaeologist at the site of a Birmingham dig, before travelling back in time to experience first hand everyday life and customs in Roman Britain and the life of a slave.

This programme makes strong National Curriculum links in History and gives children the opportunity to develop their speaking, listening and role play skills as well as developing and defending their own opinions from within the drama.


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