Based on a true story, Saving Hope follows the journey of the residents of the village of Hope. Travelling back in time to rural Derbyshire in the year 1665 pupils are placed in role as villagers of Hope and participate in the customs that shape the community. They also experience first hand the close relationship between Hope and the neighbouring village of Eyam. However everything changes when plague breaks out in Eyam and its residents decide to isolate themselves from the outside world through a self imposed quarantine.

Saving Hope offers a unique opportunity to enrich the citizenship curriculum. Through a compelling fictional context pupils explore the human stories of those whose circumstances push them into contemplating the most difficult of decisions – the sacrifice of yourself and your family for others?

Saving Hope supports pupils from years 5 and 6 to explore the notion of community and the individual’s ties and responsibilities within it by:

  • providing them with a forum to explore moral dilemmas affecting a community in crisis
  • enabling participation in a moving and original theatrical experience
  • encouraging them to empathise with and respect those who may be different from themselves, and to make decisions which value and make allowance for the feelings of others

Saving Hope is available for 2011-2012. Click here to book now!


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