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The websites and books listed below were used in the making of this programme, you may find them useful and interesting too.

Free exhibition focussed on Asian migration and our City’s connection to the subcontinent, in the gallery at the Central Library until 21st October 2017.
The genesis of Birmingham Central Library’s Black History Collection was created back in the late 1990s and was formed as a response to the call for a designated and identifiable collection of materials which could be found in one centralised location in the Central Library
Follow the collections link to find out more about Vanley Burke’s photographs include text descriptions of images that you might like to arrange to see.
No longer a live website but you can see the archived stories via the link above.
Scroll down to research timelines and click on the migration timeline for information on significant migration events and legislation and its effect.


The photographs used in the programme are part of the collections of Vanley Burke and Ernest Dyche housed at the city archive held in the Wolfson Centre on floor 4 of The Library in Birmingham.

You might like to go and see the full collection.

If you would like to book an appointment, please email, giving details of when you would like to visit, the items you wish to consult, and your contact details.


The Journey edited by Marcia Hutchinson
Primary Colours ISBN 0-9543598-1-X

Olivia’s Journey edited by Pete Tidy and Marcia Hutchinson
Primary Colours ISBN 0-9532562-6-X

This is Birmingham: A Glimpse of the City’s Secret Treasures by Jan Bowman Waverley Books Ltd (10 Dec. 2009) ISBN-10: 1902407938 (a colorful illustrated history of Birmingham)

Children’s History of Birmingham by Mandy Ross,
Hometown World ISBN-10: 1849932212

Racism Explained to my Daughter by Tahar Ben Jelloun
The New Press ISBN 1-56584-534-X

Sweet Clara & The Freedom Quilt by Deborah Hopkinson
Dragonfly books ISBN 0-679-87472-0

Under the Quilt of Night by Deborah Hopkinson
An Anne Schwartz book ISBN 0-689-82227-8

Making Connections Birmingham Black International History, eds., Ian Grosvenor, Rita McLean, Sian Roberts, Publ. Black Pasts, Birmingham Futures Group, 2002, ISBN 0 9543713 0 5.
Copies in schools and libraries but out of print now so not available to buy.

A World City Birmingham & It’s People Portrayed, ed., Michael Leitch, Publ. Birmingham Library Services, 2003, ISBN 0 7093 02436. Copies in libraries.

Coming to Light Birmingham’s Photographic Collections, ed., Peter James., Publ. Birmingham Libraries and Birmingham Museums and Art Gallery,1998, ISBN 0 7093 0228 2. Copies in libraries and at BMAG.

Black History Sources in Birmingham City Archives, eds., Fiona Tait and Brigitte Winsor, Publ. Birmingham Library Services, 2004. No ISBN. Copies in Birmingham City Archives.


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