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Classroom Activities 1


  • Collect old photographs from home and discuss:
  • Who are these people?
  •  Where are they in the picture?
  • What is their story?
  • What are they thinking?
  • What would they say if they spoke?
  • What would they say to help us?
  • What would we say to help them?

Take a photograph of yourself showing how you would like people to think of you in the future, what would you try to communicate with them? How would you stand/ sit? What would you wear? Print out the picture, draw or stick things or pictures from magazines on it to show how you imagine yourself in the future – this could be realistic or fantastical.


Use a range of art materials for children to decorate a square of cloth/ paper that includes their initials. Assemble the squares and fix them to the wall or hang them like a quilt.

Five-word story:

A story about you or your family told in five still frames each comprising an action or gesture and sound. Take a photo of each still image and put them in a word document. Using simple software, add speech or thought bubbles. Then adjust the size and lay them out like a comic. It may help if the story follows the format of introduction, development, conflict, climax and resolution.

Talk to your folks:

Interview the people you live with about how and why they came to live where they do now.  Where are they from? When did they come here and why? What about their parents and grandparents. Collect as much Information as you can from the class and plot points of family origin on a large world, national or regional map.

Can we deduce anything from this map about Britain or its colonies? Can we show some of this information as a pie chart or graph?

You could record the interviews on a phone or Dictaphone and arrange an audio gallery where people can listen to the stories. Do the stories have any common themes?  Perhaps you could write out the most interesting bits to make a class scrap book.


You will need a set of blank post cards for this activity. (Here is one you can download).

Imagine you have just moved to where you live now.  Write a postcard home explaining what life is like, How would you feel? What things do you notice that are strange or interesting? How do the people dress and behave?  Make a picture for the other side of the card to show them what it is like.

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