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Classroom Activities 2

Journey journal:

Write the events of a journey, any journey, the shorter the journey the more detailed it should be. It could be from home to school, from the bedroom to bathroom, crossing the road or from your seat in the classroom to the teacher’s desk. Don’t forget to include sights, sounds, smells and feelings.

Time capsule:

Ask everyone in the class to choose an object to place in a time capsule for the future that tells the future who we were and how we lived.  Collect all the objects from the class together (real or as pictures) invite another class to examine them and talk about the people that left them behind as if they lived long ago or lived in a strange and unfamiliar place.


Get parents/children to cook national dishes bring them into school to share, which are your favourites? Make: THE GREAT BRUMMIE COOK BOOK (or rename it for your school or class), by asking for the children to write the recipes down. Arrange a tasting and hold a survey of the class favourite (maybe present the results on a pie chart!)


Bring in and try on national costumes. Why do you think these clothes have been adopted in their places of origin? Stage a class fashion show!


We wrote haikus to distil the essence of our characters. Try writing them about your friends or yourself.

Haiku is a Japanese three-line poem with five syllables in the first and last line and  seven in the middle. They don’t rhyme.

Secret Treasure of Brum

What is your favourite place in Birmingham? What makes it special? Perhaps it is somewhere not many people know about? Take a photo and use it to build a map of the special secret places that make Birmingham brilliant.

Some of our favourites are: Milan’s sweet centre on Stoney lane, Express Polythene in Digbeth, Manjit’s builders merchant in Moseley, Latif’s and Barry’s fabrics in Digbeth.

Family tree:

Create a family tree.

  • Each child writes their name at the bottom of the log or on the tree trunk.
  • On the lowest branches they write their parents’ names
  • On the next pair of branches up they write their grandparents names

Who else can be added to the list? Maybe you could use photographs instead of writing their names.

Click image for downloadable version


Look at an image and describe it, starting with the smallest detail you can find and gradually “zoom out” until you are describing the whole piece. You might want to use a magnifying glass. Consider the feelings of the people in the picture. How does the picture make you feel? What does it make you think of? What is about to happen, happening or just happened? Think of the 5 senses and how they apply to this image.

What is a “Brummie?”

Collect objects, pictures and snippets of overheard conversations, local phrases or sayings. Make recordings or take photos of things that you think are typically Brummie. It could be anything that you think belongs to, comes from, and is only found or happens in Birmingham. It could be the Central Library or a Balti bowl; the bull statue or the phrase ‘Ta ra a bit’. Assemble them to make a multimedia/multi-sensory exhibition to communicate what it is to live in Birmingham. Invite other classes to take part in it. Do they agree with you?

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