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2018 – 2019 tour performed by:
Simon Turner, Mathias André & Aizah Khan

Directed by Rachel Gartside


Programme originally devised and performed by:

Malcolm Jennings, David Sol & Neetu Sanghera
Directed by Deborah Hull
Designed by Mark Walton
Programme music composed by David Sol
Additional scripting by Arzhang Pezhman

The copyright on any images used on this site is only limited solely for use by The Play House to illustrate the organisation’s work. The photos can not be reproduced and redistributed for any other use.

Special thanks to: Rahees Kasar for all your wisdom and advice

Thanks to:

David Gilday & Handsworth Girls School
The Saheli Women’s group
Zubeda Limbada
Jahan Mahmood
Lynn Davies
Salma Jabeen
Mitra Memarzia
Sandra Hall
Richard Moore
Holy Trinity Catholic MediaArts College
Colmers School and Sports College
Waverley School


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