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Jason and Hassan have become involved with the True Patriots and The Circle of Truth as a result of various events and circumstances in their lives.

Participants should talk in pairs about why they think they got involved in these organisations based on what was seen in the play and what they heard the characters speak about. Write the events, circumstances and factors in the bubbles around the characters in the diagram below (Click on the image for a .jpeg version that can be printed or saved to your pc/interactive whiteboard).

Image to support Influences activity
Add on any extra factors that people can think of.

The responses can then be used to discuss the following questions:

  • What has becoming involved in the True Patriots and The Circle of Truth led Jason and Hassan to do?
  • If they stay with these organisations in the future what else could they end up becoming involved in?
  • Could they have chosen to respond differently to the events and circumstances listed?
  • What other choices could they have made? How would these have changed things?
  • Are there any similarities between Hassan and Jason?
  • What do Jason and Hassan get from belonging to their respective organisations?
  • If you were going to suggest one thing that Jason/Hassan should do now, what would it be?

This is a list of some of the factors that participants might come up with; one could be added to the pictures as an example:

  • Jason’s sister leaves home
  • Jason’s sister marries Rafique
  • Jason’s father dies
  • Jason can’t find a job
  • Jason meets Peter Jeffries
  • Jason feels he hasn’t been given the same opportunities as others
  • Hassan considers his brother to be a bad Muslim
  • Hassan is rebelling against his father’s approach
  • Hassan meets Dr. Farooq
  • Hassan sees injustice in the world
  • Hassan experiences racism at the bus stop



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