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Truth or lies?

Work in pairs or small groups. Have a look at this extract from Tapestry to remember the sort of things Dr. Farooq and Peter Jeffries were saying.

Read each of the statements made by Peter Jeffries and Dr Farooq (taken from the full speeches they made in (Tapestry) and decide in which circle it belongs – truth, lies or a mixture of the two (see diagram following – on a pc you can right-click and ‘save picture as’ to download this image).  Present back to the class, including any evidence you have for your choices and debate where there are differences in opinions.

Dr Farooq:

  • What do they say now that we have made a home here? “You are foreigners, you are no longer welcome, you are the invaders”
  • As an immigrant we experience oppression everyday
  • I have friends who have been locked up for saying less than I have today, and they boast the right to freedom of speech?!
  • They seem to open their hands to us but really want to strangle us of our identity.
  • I see the women here, prostitutes and mothers at the age of fourteen
  • Their soldiers walk the streets in our countries, armed to the teeth, and doing as they please to our people.

Peter Jeffries:

  • If we show any signs of national pride we are branded as racist and fascist
  • Multiculturalism will not work here
  • They force their strange customs on us as they parade their festivals up and down our streets.
  • They flee into our bosom only to milk us of our national purity
  • Their women stay covered, as if they’re ashamed, or just terrified of being beaten at the slightest show of skin.
  • They are draining our resources, filling our hospital beds, taking jobs from under our noses

Image to support the Truth or lies activity


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