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Learning to be safe together. Department of Children, School and Families
A toolkit to help schools contribute to the prevention of violent extremism

Caught in the Cross Fire. Alan Gibbons, Orion Books. 2003
Isbn: 978-1-84255-96-0
A novel suitable for teenage readers that explores the stories of those living in a town affected by racial tensions and the emergence of a far right party.

The Islamist. Ed Husain, Penguin. 2007
Isbn: 0141030437,9780141030432
The real life story of one young man’s journey towards extremism.

Educating Against Extremism. Lynn Davies, Trentham Books. 2008
Isbn: 978 1 85856 426 5
Looks at the processes that can lead individuals to extreme beliefs or the use of violence and suggests ways in which education can help

In the Name of God. Paula Jolin, Roaring Brook Press. 2007
Isbn: 159643211×9781596432116
The story of seventeen-year-old Nadia who becomes involved in a violent revolutionary movement aimed at supporting Muslim rule in Syria and opposing the Western politics and materialism that increasingly affect her family

Fundamentalism. Ideas of the Modern World Series. Alex Woolf. Hodder Wayland. 2003
Isbn: 0 7502 4366

Fundamentalism. Global Issues Series. Sean Connolly. Wayland. 2008.
Isbn: 978 0 7502 5432 8

The War on Terror. Timeline Series. David Downing. Arcturus Publishing Ltd. 2007
Isbn: 978 0 7496 7190 7


The official website for the Institute for Race Relations
Strategies and activities to help teachers address sensitive issues


Britz. Directed by Peter Kosminsky. Rated 15.
The story of two young British Muslims, a brother and sister both pulled in two radically different directions by their conflicting personal experiences in post 9/11 Britain

My Brother the Islamist. Directed by Robb Leech
Tree surgeon turned film-maker Robb Leech is desperate to know why his white middle-class step-brother Rich became radical Islamist Salahuddin, who now associates with jihadist fundamentalists, and believes Britain should be ruled by Sharia law. (synopsis text taken from IMDb website)

Yasmin. Directed by Kenneth Glenaan. Rated 15
The story of a young women caught in the middle of attempting to please her traditional Pakistani family and enjoying the freedoms of Western life. Set amongst a Muslim community in the North of England before and after the events of 9/11.

This is England. Directed by Shane Meadows. Rated 18
The story of Shaun growing up in 1980’s England and his experiences of skinhead ‘culture’ and his encounters with far right influences.

Watch Over Me. Miss
A series of DVD’s including scenarios and teaching materials designed to help young people to handle risk in a range of situations. These DVD’s are available free to schools by enquiring to


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