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The Prevent strategy

The Government has a ‘Prevent’ strategy which is a part of its overall approach to countering terrorism. This strategy has the aim of:

Preventing people from becoming terrorists or supporting violent extremism.

The strategy has five strands designed to address the factors that research suggests can cause people to become involved in terrorism and violent extremism.  These are:

  • Challenging the violent extremism ideology and supporting mainstream voices
  • Disrupting those who promote violent extremism and supporting institutions where they may be active
  • Supporting individuals who are being targeted and recruited to the cause of violent extremism
  • Increasing the resilience of communities to violent extremism.
  • Addressing grievances both genuine and perceived, that ideologies are exploiting.  These can stem from national and international issues – for example relating to foreign policy, or perceptions of distorted media representation; or be based on local perceptions of inequality or experiences of racism or community conflict
    A number of activities are taking place locally, nationally and internationally under all five strands in partnership with community organisations and schools.


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