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This is a promotional video for Tapestry a participatory theatre-in-education tour from Birmingham-based theatre company The Play House which explores the complex issues around Preventing Violent Extremism.

Tapestry has been developed for 13-18 year olds after consultation with young people, the police, community workers, artists and teachers in Birmingham, and explores the implications and consequences of extremist thinking and action. Hassan, Jason and Naz play out their parallel stories, crossing community, religious, political and family lines to explore what divides us, what we hold in common and what drives the few to consider taking matters into their own hands.

Within the performance young people question characters and use drama to explore issues relating to extremism and, through this process of participation, to connect the drama to their own lives and choices. It has toured schools and youth settings across the West Midlands, and has already reached over 2000 young people.

This video was shot and edited by Junction Media. To find out more about the company please visit:

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  1. sarah says:

    hi have attended tapestry and i have really enjoyed it because it is informing us through drama what is actually happening out there.

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