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Chorus Speeches

These are the speeches that the Chorus deliver. You could use them to remind yourself of the how the story unfolds or to rehearse your own version of the play and perhaps present it to other classes. A downloadable version of each Chorus text can be accessed by clicking on each of the titles below.

The Chorus speak for the first time and Creon reminds them of his law. The Chorus speak for a second time telling of the dust storm and the burial. The soldier speaks as a witness to what has happened. The third speech of the Chorus identifies Antigone as the law breaker and they want to know why she would do this, Antigone replies. The fourth intervention of the chorus urges Creon to think carefully. What his response is unwritten, you could create your own ending.


Chorus text 1

On the plain, Polynices lies unburied.

The crows circle, the stench offends the Gods.

Alone of all who fell, Polynices lies unburied.

Creon! Tell us! How can this be so?


Chorus text 2

On the plain, things are not as Creon wishes.

A dust storm blows and as it clears,

The guards of Polynices corpse return.

Soldier what has happened here?

Who has broken Creon’s law?


Chorus text 3

It is Antigone, sister of the fallen man.

She must have heard what Creon said.

The penalty is death for those who disobey.

Antigone! You know the law why break it?


Chorus text 4

Creon! We now have heard both sides and

Though you are king. Who is in the right?

She is caught between nature and your law.

Think hard my Lord before you decide.



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