In 2014 it will be 75 years since the last train left Germany for Britain, carrying children from a Jewish background to a new life, away from the perils of Nazi Germany. The children left behind their homes, friends and families, with a small case containing clothes, one or two precious objects and a small sum of money. The majority of children set off on their extraordinary journey with little idea of their destination. It is estimated that over 10,000 children were transported to the safety of England through a scheme which became known as the ‘Kindertransport’.

The Last Train explores concepts of hope, human resilience and the celebration of cultural difference. It is set within the odious context of one of the most obscene political policies in European history; the active destruction of the Jewish race in Nazi controlled Europe of the 1930s. These events became known as The Holocaust. Although the events and obscenities of the holocaust have been well documented, the hopes and optimism of its survivors remains a relatively untold story.

The programme is enriched by the use of audio, which is used to create an original soundscape inspired by real stories, testimonies and observations from the children who escaped on the Kindertransport. The drama also focuses on residents of Birmingham and West Midlands who were involved in the British Governments policy of receiving Kindertransport children in the years leading up to 1939.



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