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Home 2

The following activities aim to explore the themes, issues and dilemmas that relate to ‘home’.

Map of home

Individually create a ‘map’ that represents home. It might be your bedroom or a favourite room or place in your house. The map could be drawn on large sheets of paper or mapped out ‘physically’ through mime/action in a large space like the hall or playground. Use chairs, P.E. equipment or personal drawings to distinguish any important parts of the room, boundaries or key objects.

In pairs take your partner on a guided tour or walk of this space (on paper or otherwise). Describe the things or parts of it that are important to you.


Ask the class to vote on which of these statements they feel strongest about:

  • It is the objects/material things that make my home, ‘home’
  • The ‘lessons for life’ that we learn from our families, traditions and religious beliefs make my home, ‘home’?
  • It is a combination of both of these that make ‘home’ for us wherever we are in the world.

Spend some time reflecting and analysing the groups’ overall response.

A letter from home

Read aloud this testimony from Eva Hayman:

“We had about a fortnight [two weeks] before we left. And into that fortnight, both mother and father were trying to give the instructions, the guidance that they hoped to have their whole life to give”.

Ask the children to imagine what they would say to their child if you had to send them away? Ask them to write a letter to them. What guidance would they include?

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