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Identity 2


On a blank piece of A4 paper draw an image of a tree along with its branches like one shown.

Write your name on the tree trunk.

On the lowest branches write your parents names.

On the next pair of branches up, grand parents names etc.

How far up the tree can you go? Do you need to add more branches?

Could your parents continue the tree for you?


Take a photograph of yourself showing how you would like people to think of you in the future, what would you try to communicate with them? How would you stand/ sit? What would you wear? Print out the picture, draw or stick things or pictures from magazines on it to show how you imagine yourself in the future – this could be realistic or fantastic.

Recipe Book

Discuss as a class what meal makes you think of home.
Together construct a recipe book which shows the diversity of your class.


Get parents to cook national dishes and eat them.


Bring in and try on national costumes


Try writing Haikus about your friends or yourself.

A Haiku is a Japanese three line poem with five syllables in the first and last line and seven in the middle. Use it to distil the essence of a character. Here is a link to an example of a Haiku poem about a person, to help you:

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