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In The Last Train, Inge and Imran both need to leave their homes very quickly. They have to leave many things behind, particularly friends and family. Ask your class to do the following activity.


Put yourself in the situation of needing to pack things in thirty minutes.
Think carefully about what Inge and Imran would take with them and write down your ideas.

You could print off this copy of the suitcase case image and write the items you would pack around it then as a class discuss what you have chosen to pack and why.

Script writing

Write a scene, as a short play, which communicates how a child might have been told that their Mum and Dad had decided to send them away from home, in order for them to be safe from danger.

The following questions might help the writing:

  • Were they going alone, or with a brother or sister?
  • When were they told? / How were they told?
  • What did the parents give them to take with them?
  • Was something precious given?
  • What did the children decide to take for themselves?
  • Did they have to sell anything to raise the money for the journey?

Inge’s Diary

Write a diary extract as though you are Inge. Use some of these questions to help you:

  • Would some of her diary entries be really short? Why?
  • How would she describe the journey?
  • Do you think she made friends on the journey?
  • Who did she meet and how would she write about them?

What’s in a picture?

The photograph below shows children leaving by train.








Make a still image of this moment; become the six children in the railway carriage.

  • What do you notice about the boys at the back and the boys at the front?
  • Who do you think they are looking at?
  • Can you create the people they are looking at?
  • What are the three boys behind (ie inside the carriage) thinking?

Bring the scene to life for a few moments and show what you think happens next. There are two figures at the front of the photograph; can you imagine what might they be saying to each other?


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