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The Nazis used media news stories and pictures to create a particular negative idea about Jewish people. The use of propaganda really hurt the Jewish people. The Nazis were determined to spread their ideas as quickly as possible with the intention of convincing German citizens that the Jews were to blame for the state of the country.

Ask your class to look at the images below and, in pairs, ask them to try to work out why the propaganda was so effective.

This image shows how the Nazis used posters to persuade people that the Jews were ‘taking over the world’.

“Der Sturmer” (translated as ‘The Attacker’ or ‘Stormer’) was a widely circulated Nazi newspaper, which included cartoons of antisemitic caricatures of Jews. The weekly newspaper was displayed in cases and sold nearly 1/2 million copies each week. “Die Juden sind unser ungluck” was printed at the foot of each page: “The Jews are our misfortune”.


Large rallies like this were held regularly, and became a useful propoganda tool.


Here are two fairly recent pictures about refugees. What impression do they create? What effect do you think they are meant to have and do they have that effect?

The image on the left is of MP Nigel Farage standing in front of poster which was used as part of the EU referendum campaign. The image on the right shows Syrian refugees being rescued from the beach.

Click on the image to view the full original article

Click on the image to view the full original article

Media mistruths

The media produce a lot of sensationalised and misguided information about asylum seekers and refugees. It is possible to speak out about this kind of mis-representation. If you or your class feel that a newspaper story or TV programme has represented people inappropriately contact the Independent Press Standards Organisation to try and stop myths becoming extremist views.

Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO) – or call their helpline on 0845 600 2757. For broadcast media you can contact Ofcom at or call 020 7981 3040.


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