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Programme performed by Simon Turner.

Programme originally directed by Deborah Hull and re-devised by Simon Turner

Originally devised by Nicky Robey, Helen Blackmore, Pady O’Connor and Jez Thomas.

Set originally designed by Molly Winter and redesigned by Emma Thomson


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Programme Outline

The programme begins in the classroom with the children being introduced to Big and his teddy Little.  Little yawns and the children are invited to accompany Big and Little to the bedroom to help settle him to sleep.

The children travel to the hall and sit around a large circular bedspread. They watch as Big helps Little prepare for bed.  However he cannot settle to sleep and wants to play.  Big eventually relents and plays a game which involves putting Little’s toys to bed.  Big attempts to settle Little again, but this time he cannot sleep because he is scared. Big decides to tell Little a special made up story.

Big’s duvet has been spread out to cover the whole of the room and the children snuggle under to listen to Big’s made up story. The story takes Little and all of the children off on an adventure toFarawayIsland. Big encourages Little and the children to use their imaginations to create some of the things they encounter on their adventure such as walking over a hot beach, crossing a rope bridge and climbing a mountain before watching the sun set on the island. A treasure is discovered guarded by a snake. The children give suggestions to overcome their fear.

As the story of the Faraway island comes to an end, Little yawns and is finally tired out by all the playing. Big puts Little to sleep.  Big thanks the children and they tiptoe out as Little sleeps. 


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Things That Go Bump… is a participatory programme for nursery and reception children, which explores the complex area of feelings and emotions. It is widely recognised that emotional development is a crucial building block in a child’s first years in education.

Between the ages of three and six children commonly share a fear of things like the dark, of imaginary monsters and fear of separation from a guardian or parent. It is an important part of a child’s emotional development to have the opportunity to explore their feelings in a safe environment. They need creative and play opportunities that give them the chance to explore, develop and share experiences that make sense of the world they live in.

The programme has been developed in order to give children the opportunity to contemplate what might be – in other words, to pretend. Things That Go Bump… will encourage them to use their imaginations aurally, visually and physically.

Things That Go Bump… has been devised using story, play and a variety of exciting multi-sensory objects and materials and gives the children who take part the opportunity to develop their own imaginative play skills and emotional literacy.

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Aims and outcomes


Things That Go Bump… aims to create an exciting, imaginary world where children can safely explore their feelings and fears.


  • To enable children to identify and express their fears through empathising with the fictional characters in the drama.
  • To create an imaginary journey through creative play and using a range of multi-sensory materials and objects.
  • To create opportunities in the programme for children to participate, problem solve and develop their imagination.
  • To provide opportunities to support language development through active participation, listening and responding.


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