Mum! Mum! Quickly come (song)

Click here to download the sheet music for a song called Mum! Mum! Quickly Come by Ann Bryant.

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Songs to help you sleep

Here are some video clips of some songs from around the world that people have sung to their children to help them sleep.  Play some of them to your children and ask them:  Do you know any of these songs? Please share any songs that are sung to you at home perhaps they are sung in a home language?

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Rock A Bye Baby

Hush Little Baby



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Poems 3

My Teddy Has a Fright

Sometimes my teddy
Has a fright
When there’s a squeak
or creak at night,
so I cuddle him
and hold him tight,
until he says
he feels alright.
Charles Thomson



Five minutes, five minutes more, please!
Let me stay five minutes more!
Can’t I just finish the castle
I’m building here on the floor?
Can’t I just finish the story
I’m reading here I my book?
Can’t I just finish this bead-chain –
It almost is finished, look!
Can’t I just finish the game, please?
When a game’s once begun
It’s a pity never to find out
Whether you’ve lost or won.
Can’t I just stay five minutes?
Well can’t I just stay four?
Three minutes then? Two minutes?
Can’t I stay one minute more?
Eleanor Farjeon   

From The Bed Book

Beds come in all sizes –
Single or double,
Cot-size or cradle,
King-size or trundle.
Most beds are beds
For sleeping or resting,
But the best beds are much
More interesting!
Not just a white little
Tucked-in-tight little
Nighty-night little
Turn-out-the-light little
Bed –
A Bed for fishing
A bed for cats
A bed for a troupe of
The right sort of bed
(If you see what I mean)
Is a bed that might
Be a submarine
Nosing through water
Clear and green,
Silver and glittery
As a sardine
Or a jet-propelled bed
For visiting Mars
With mosquito nets
For the shooting stars…
Sylvia Plath   


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Poems 2

If You Should Meet a Crocodile

If you should meet a crocodile
Do not take a stick and poke him
Ignore the welcome in his smile
Be careful not to stroke him
For as he sleeps upon the Nile
He thinner gets and thinner
And wherever you meet a crocodile
He is ready for his dinner

Night Ride

When I can’t sleep
I shut my door
And sit on the rug
On my bedroom floor.
I open the window.
I close my eyes
And say magic words
Till my carpet flies.
Zooming over gardens,
Chasing after bats,
Hooting like an owl
And frightening the cats.
Then when I feel sleepy
And dreams are in my head,
I fly back through my window
And snuggle down in bed.
Celia Warren

Dinosaur Dreams

Dinah Shore
dreamed she saw a dinosaur
knock on the window with its claw.
Dinah Shore
dreamed she saw a dinosaur
peeping round her bedroom door.
Dinah Shore
dreamed she saw a dinosaur
sleeping on the kitchen floor.
Dinah Shore
dreamed she saw a dinosaur
wake up and give a mighty ROAR!
John Foster


Night Sounds

When I lie in bed
I think I can hear
The stars being switched on
I think I can.
And I think I can hear
The moon
But I have to be still
So still.
All the house is sleeping
Except for me.
Then I think I can hear it.
Berlie Doherty


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These poems can be used as a stimulus to talk about fears with your children. Physical actions or movements could be made up to go with some of these poems or songs.

I Met a Man

As I was going up the stairs
I met a man who wasn’t there
He wasn’t there again today
Oh! how I wish he’d go away!

Twitchetty Witch

A Twitchetty Witch
Went hurtling by
Twitchetty Witchetty, Yooo-hooo-hoo!
Up in the dark
Where the bats fly,
With her pointed nose
And her glittering eye,
A Twitchetty Witch
Went hurtling by
Twitchetty, Witchetty- S-w-w-i-i-i-s-ssh!
Lillian Boucher

Where does Laughter Begin?

Does it start in your head
and spread to your toe?
Does it start in your cheeks
and grow downwards so
’til your knees feel weak?
Does it start with a tickle in your tummy so
’til you want to jump right out
of all of your skin?
Or does laughter simply begin
with your mouth?
John Agard


It came down from the ceiling
On a silken, single thread
I screamed out loud
Because I don’t
Like spiders in my bed.
Finola Akister

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