Poems 3

My Teddy Has a Fright

Sometimes my teddy
Has a fright
When there’s a squeak
or creak at night,
so I cuddle him
and hold him tight,
until he says
he feels alright.
Charles Thomson



Five minutes, five minutes more, please!
Let me stay five minutes more!
Can’t I just finish the castle
I’m building here on the floor?
Can’t I just finish the story
I’m reading here I my book?
Can’t I just finish this bead-chain –
It almost is finished, look!
Can’t I just finish the game, please?
When a game’s once begun
It’s a pity never to find out
Whether you’ve lost or won.
Can’t I just stay five minutes?
Well can’t I just stay four?
Three minutes then? Two minutes?
Can’t I stay one minute more?
Eleanor Farjeon   

From The Bed Book

Beds come in all sizes –
Single or double,
Cot-size or cradle,
King-size or trundle.
Most beds are beds
For sleeping or resting,
But the best beds are much
More interesting!
Not just a white little
Tucked-in-tight little
Nighty-night little
Turn-out-the-light little
Bed –
A Bed for fishing
A bed for cats
A bed for a troupe of
The right sort of bed
(If you see what I mean)
Is a bed that might
Be a submarine
Nosing through water
Clear and green,
Silver and glittery
As a sardine
Or a jet-propelled bed
For visiting Mars
With mosquito nets
For the shooting stars…
Sylvia Plath   


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