These poems can be used as a stimulus to talk about fears with your children. Physical actions or movements could be made up to go with some of these poems or songs.

I Met a Man

As I was going up the stairs
I met a man who wasn’t there
He wasn’t there again today
Oh! how I wish he’d go away!

Twitchetty Witch

A Twitchetty Witch
Went hurtling by
Twitchetty Witchetty, Yooo-hooo-hoo!
Up in the dark
Where the bats fly,
With her pointed nose
And her glittering eye,
A Twitchetty Witch
Went hurtling by
Twitchetty, Witchetty- S-w-w-i-i-i-s-ssh!
Lillian Boucher

Where does Laughter Begin?

Does it start in your head
and spread to your toe?
Does it start in your cheeks
and grow downwards so
’til your knees feel weak?
Does it start with a tickle in your tummy so
’til you want to jump right out
of all of your skin?
Or does laughter simply begin
with your mouth?
John Agard


It came down from the ceiling
On a silken, single thread
I screamed out loud
Because I don’t
Like spiders in my bed.
Finola Akister

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