Real or Imaginary Fears

Physical Activity

The following activity/game aims to start the children thinking about the differences between real and imaginary fears.

1. Tell the children that the game they are going to play is called crocodiles.

2. Select one child as the crocodile.

3. The object of the game is for the children to move from one side of the “river bank” – the mats – to the other. Between the mats is “the river”. The children must keep moving until you call out “crocodile”, the crocodile can then catch as many children as she can who are still in the “river”. Children who are touched are out. Increase the number of crocodiles for a quicker finish. Play the game until all are out except one, who will then become the new crocodile.

4. Give the children an opportunity to calm down and catch their breath.

5. Talk with them about their enjoyment of the game and ask them to describe their thoughts and feelings. Draw out the excitement of being chased.

Suggested questions:

  • Was it scary?
  • Why do you think this was so?
  • Was there really a crocodile?

Emphasise that although everyone knew it was a game the thought of being caught and eaten by a crocodile was still quite frightening.

Other games along the same theme include: “Grandma’s Footsteps”, “Sharks and Islands” and “What’s the Time Mr Wolf?”

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