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Thirst for Knowledge is a new programme that supports a range of curriculum themes through thrilling tales of discovery in faraway lands, posing moral dilemmas along the way. Were early European travellers benevolent settlers bringing vital trade and civilisation or ruthless invaders plundering natural resources and destroying indigenous cultures?

It is inspired by the journeys of Baron Alexander von Humboldt who embarked on a remarkable expedition to South America in 1799. His achievements were so enormous that over 2,000 places and species bear his name, including rivers, ocean currents and even a penguin.

Thirst for Knowledge is being created in partnership with Birmingham Museums Trust. During the week of 29th February – 4th March 2016, we are offering a package that includes a performance of the piece at Thinktank, a visit to the museum and a range of other activities to tie in with National Science Week. To book this package or for more information, please get in touch or click on the Birmingham Museums tab at the top.

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